9 Cyber Security Podcasts to Add to Your Subscriptions



Podcasts have steadily become one of the most popular formats to consume information. No matter the topic, format or time frame, you can always find an abundance of podcasts that fit your criteria.

The bite-sized chunks of information are a great resource for the expert and the amateur alike and the cyber security sector is not exempt. Whether it is years of experience, unique viewpoints or valuable insights, cyber security podcasts are a great way to digest the latest industry news and insights.

In no particular order, we have complied our top nine cyber security podcasts – from informational to amusing and everything in between, these podcasts deserve your attention.

          1. Cyber Tails

Delving deep into the most interesting cyber security headlines from across the globe, Cyber Tales is a weekly round up that promises thought-provoking insights and the unheard story. 

Listen to Cyber Tails here.

          2. Security Now

Steven Gibson and Leo Laporte host this weekly podcast that discusses the latest hot topics in security today. With almost 700 episodes, previous topics have included security vulnerabilities, spyware, virtual machines and much more.

Listen to Security Now here.

          3. The Security Weekly Podcast

Running since 2005, Paul Asadoorian hosts this weekly podcast that takes an in-depth look at cyber security news. With topics constantly varying, this relaxed, long-form podcast tackles complex technical topics and conversational security related debates, fuelled by years of experiences with the addition of beer and cocktails.

Listen to The Security Weekly Podcast here.

          4. Risky Business

Great for beginners, professionals or just curious onlookers, The Risky Biz podcast covers the latest cyber security news and feature interviews with industry luminaries.  These 50 to 60-minute weekly podcasts are a pacy listen without waffle. 

Listen to Risky Business here.

          5. CyberWire Daily

With over 600 episodes, The CyberWire offer concise daily information nuggets of the latest critical cyber security news.

Listen to The CyberWire Podcast here.

          6. Defensive Security Podcast

Hosted by Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat, Defensive Security Podcast is a weekly(ish) podcast that dissects the latest security news and picks out the lessons to put into real-world practice.

Listen to Defensive Security Podcast here

          7. The Security Ledger Podcast

Named one of the world’s top information security podcasts, The Security Ledger covers everything from politics to hot topics and is always a great listen. Hosted by The Security Ledger’s Editor in Chief Paul Roberts, this podcast is a must listen for anyone in cyber.  

Listen to The Security Ledger Podcast here.

          8. OWASP Podcast

Brought to you by the non-profit project The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), this podcast features interviews from industry experts, volunteers and security leaders hosted by Mark Miller. 

Listen to OWASP Podcast here.

          9. Down The Security Rabbithole Podcast

This podcast tackles security from a business perspective. Lead by Rafel Los, James Jardine and Michael Santarcangelo, Down The Security Rabbithole is a great way to keep up to date with the latest information security trends and hear from a range of unique experts.

Listen to Down the Security Rabbithole here.

With hundreds of podcasts out there, and countless emerging daily, this list is by no means extensive – if we have missed off your favourite cyber security podcast head to our Twitter and let us know.


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