Network Security Interview Questions

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The business world has a strong reliance on digital information. Not to mention the networks from which they can leverage the virtual domain of the internet. So, the need for individuals who understand how to protect those networks to safely share information interconnectedly, is high.

The breadth of cyber security jobs encompasses the security of data networks. So, for cyber security professionals wanting to focus their attention on network security roles, we have compiled a list of questions you’ll be likely to encounter at your network security job interview.

In your opinion, what should the objective of information security be within a business?

This question is intended to garner a basic demonstration of your understanding as to the role of information security within an organisation. Network security, in particular, is there to shield the company’s data, ward off malware and other forms of attack, preserve user privacy, prevent unauthorised access and of course maintain a smooth network experience for all users. You’ll need to use your own words to demonstrate that you understand this concept.

How do you view risk, in the context of network security?

This question wants you to talk about the possible ways the business could be impacted due to any vulnerabilities or internal or external threats. 

What would the impact of a network attack look like?

Can you identify the possible ramifications of a network attack? For example, loss of data, reputational damage extending to credibility with key stakeholders and consumers, which ultimately would lead to loss of profits.

Tell me about your personal network

Here is your chance to really highlight your commitment to network security and cyber security, as you describe the security measures you implement on your home network. Your answer will tell your potential employer how network savvy you really are. This question may also incorporate your defence of a Wireless Access Point (WAP).

Where do you get your security news from?

Do you follow the security big-wigs on Twitter and LinkedIn, and subscribe to security news wires and blogs to stay updated with the daily news? How well-informed you keep yourself of network security incidents tells your prospective employer not only how invested you are in this area, but also how well informed. Network security-related news should be a part of your personal practice if you want a career in network security.

Are you familiar with terms like, AAA, CIA, Brute Force login attack and black hat hacker? Do you know the difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption? If someone asked you about the ‘salting process’ would you know what they meant?

Network Security jobs are rife with technical terms and processes, and it’s your job to know them and how to apply that understanding in practice. 

Depending on which server an organisation uses, they may ask specific questions about how you’d look to secure it…

Research the company, double check the job description and make sure you’re prepared to answer potential questions about their setup. 

Expect some behavioural, and situational questions too, as your interviewer attempts to dig into the way you work and how well you cope in practice.

Whether the interviewer asks you about a problem you discover that’s out of your immediate scope of responsibility but within your capabilities to fix, or whether a very senior executive tells you to ignore company policy so they can take their work device home…; this is your opportunity to show how well you’d cope under pressure, and how well you can relate to other people in the business.

Final tips

Remember to breathe, don’t rush; you’re allowed to take a minute to think about your answers. Know your CV and the job description inside out, and make sure you’ve researched the company, on their website, in the news and within the context of their competitors. 

Good luck!


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