Top 5 Traits of Successful Cyber Security Professionals



There are many qualities employers look for when making their cyber security hires. Many will tell you that the ideal cyber security candidate in possession of equal parts technical prowess, business acumen and communication skills is a unicorn. So, as a candidate looking for cyber security jobs in 2018, what traits should you be highlighting on your CV to make your cyber security career a reality?

Analytical Thinking

What this means is that you have the capacity to be perceptive in your assessment of a problem, thinking outside the box and looking at it from all sides of the equation. It is having the ability to see a problem both from the perspective of the company and what they are trying to protect to the bad guy trying to break down their defences to attack that makes for a successful cyber security analyst. This all-round vision makes for effective strategy in defending against external threats.

Bad Guy Thinking

Working in cyber security means having to don many proverbial hats, which from time to time will include that of the hacker. Channelling the thought processes of the “guy” trying to attack will land you one step closer to identifying any weaknesses in your organisation’s system and network defences.

Constant Learning

In applying for jobs in cyber security you will be expected to prove yourself a proactive learner, able to keep up with the rapidly evolving cyber landscape you wish to be a part of. Your employer wants to know that you can evolve right along with it and this requires a commitment to continuous self-education. It is your responsibility to detect new weaknesses in a company’s system before it manifests into an actual weakness, it is you who the world is relying upon to contribute to the invention of solutions that will keep the private and public spheres safe today, tomorrow and always. When you go to interview for a cyber security role, have examples ready that demonstrate your willingness to keep learning as well as your capacity for out of the box thinking.


The problems you’ll face working in cyber security will not be easy ones and as a result will require your dedication and determination to find the answers you’re looking for in order to solve them. This also means having the confidence to ask the right people the questions you need answered across all areas of the business, from CEOs and board-level executives to end-users alike.


Military veterans have been found to tick many of the boxes required for cyber security roles. The nature of their previous line of duty has conditioned them for the tough parameters laid down for those working in cyber security. In addition to technological aptitude, the mutual ability to work solo or within a team as well as operating within a detail and process-oriented framework; what military and cyber professionals also share is their ability to perform under pressure. Making important decisions instinctively, in real time and with reliable accuracy is fundamental to the success of a cyber security professional.

There are of course a plethora of skills, both soft and technical expected of cyber security candidates but with the A to E of top traits under your belt, the advantage is most definitely yours when it comes to impressing employers looking for their next security hire.


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