Working as an Application Programmer



Programming, or coding, is a lucrative option for cyber security professionals who are interested in working with computer function and programming language. There are seven different paths to programming jobs, so consider carefully where your skills and experience would best fit.

Computer Programmer is perhaps the most common programming role on the job market. Entailing the creation and debugging of computer software through writing code, it will see you working across a number of different projects and require knowledge of C++, Java or Python. Ideally you will expand your programming language knowledge which will in turn increase your salary options.

In terms of programming or scripting language, you will need to have a grasp of at least one if you are hoping to pursue a career in application programming. For those on the starting rung of their professional journey, the main three coding languages you should look at familiarising yourself with are Python, Ruby and JavaScript. Very accessible to beginners and among the most frequently used, JavaScript, for example, is necessary for nearly anything you want to build on the Web.

Web Developer is another popular job type in the programming space. It is also a diverse field and the projects you undertake will depend heavily on the languages you have mastered and whether you’re partial to a front-end or back-end role. Your salary will also depend on these factors.

The average salary in the UK for application programmer jobs is around £35,600 according to statistics taken from the main job sites, including Glassdoor, Indeed, totaljobs and CW Jobs.

Additional job types within programming include PLC Programmer, which necessitates the writing and testing of programs for machine equipment – experience for this role is particularly critical due to the sensitive nature of the machines you’ll be working with. For all the video gamers hoping to turn it into a vocation, Game Developer is indeed a real job. What you earn will depend on the size of the company you work for and in addition to coding expertise; employers are looking for candidates with an artistic eye as that is a huge component in creating video games.

You could become a Web Designer or Mobile Developer, for which you’ll need to swot up on the specific programming languages required for creating Android and iOS apps or Database Developer, which will see you support businesses in maintaining databases that are clean, accessible and efficient.

Application programming jobs are currently prevalent across the healthcare, banking, IT and technology sectors. Candidates typically come from a computer science, IT or software engineering background and are expected to have excellent communication skills, both written and verbal as well as some programming language knowledge, as aforementioned.

You will need to demonstrate a good understanding of modern web development practices and formations as well as be able to show your ability to work independently, with full trust in your own abilities. Employers are typically looking for candidates with a sharp eye for detail and with the flexibility to resolve problems by thinking from more than one angle and with a logical approach.

The most important thing when looking to work as an Application Programmer is to give yourself the greatest foundation possible in terms of coding language, practical experience where necessary and the ability to think analytically and logically when it comes to dealing with the challenges you’ll be faced with on the job.


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