Cyber Security Career Resources

  • Data Protection Qualifications Explained

    • 08 Aug 2018
    The General Data Privacy Regulation or GDPR is quickly becoming a buzzword insofar as how often we’re talking about it, but it’s an important subject
  • Why is GDPR so important for cyber security professionals?

    • 31 Jul 2018
    The General Data Protection Regulation aka GDPR has been activated and with it, questions from those working in cyber security...
  • Skill Hit List for GDPR Jobs

    • 03 Oct 2017
    The GDPR could mean an interesting twist in your career path as you assign your talents and expertise to the newly created role of DPO...
  • Data Protection Jobs in the UK

    • 25 Jul 2017
    Data Protection Officers are high on the priority list for hiring managers of private sector organisations handling the monitoring and regulation...
  • EU GDPR and Data Protection Officers

    • 15 May 2017
    With the way data has exploded both within its own microcosm of technological advancements and on a global scale demanding organisations worldwide...
  • EU GDPR proof your career

    • 15 May 2017
    With little over a year to go before the EU GDPR comes into effect, for those working in compliance and regulatory roles, the need to know how...