Cyber Security Engineer

01 Apr 2024
06 Apr 2024
Job Type
Cyber Security
Employer Sector
Technology, IT & Telecoms
Contract Type
Full Time

Security Expertise:
– Provide expert guidance in security to various product and technology teams within company.
– Offer strategic counsel on security best practices throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Threat Modeling and Risk Assessment:
–Conduct thorough threat modeling to identify potential security risks in product designs.
–Perform risk assessments to effectively prioritize and address vulnerabilities. Threat

Analysis for Architecture Design:
–Analyze potential threats within the context of architectural design decisions.
–Ensure that security considerations are seamlessly integrated into the architectural planning process.

Security Awareness:
–Maintain an up–to–date understanding of the latest security threats and trends.
–Educate and advise team members on both common and emerging security threats.

Continuous Security Improvement:
–Contribute to the ongoing enhancement of security posture.
–Stay abreast of the latest security systems, standards, authentication protocols, and products.

– Bachelor in Computer Science, Information Technology, Cybersecurity
–8+ years of related experience
– Demonstrated experience working with Linux, Android, and RTOS systems.
– Deep understanding of various security technologies, encompassing application, cloud, network, hardware, and system security.
– Familiarity with security concepts and best practices relevant to the technology and automotive sectors.
–Strong ability to conduct thorough threat modeling and risk assessments.
– Capability to analyze complex security systems and anticipate potential vulnerabilities.
– Automotive industry experience is advantageous, providing valuable context for security considerations in this sector

Preferred Qualifications:
– 6 years related experience with Master's in Computer Science, Information Technology, Cybersecurity Or Ph. D. with 3+ years related experience